2020 Voter Guide Endorses Bold Environmental Justice Leadership in California Primary

8 Women of Color Named EJ Champions Represent a Mix of Incumbents and Challengers


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Sacramento, CA | January 15, 2020 – Today, the California Environmental Justice Alliance Action released their 2020 Primary Election Environmental Justice Voter Guide. The guide recommends eight women of color – all environmental justice champions – for seats in the Assembly, state Senate and US House. More information on the candidates, as well as the recommended YES vote on Proposition 13, is available at www.ceja-action.org/voterguide.

The 2020 election arrives at a critical juncture for environmental and climate crises – particularly in California, where low-income communities and communities of color often live on the frontline of worsening conditions. This moment demands bold leadership from elected officials, to ensure that people of color – California’s new majority – are rightly seen as a powerful force in shaping and implementing equitable environmental policies.

The CEJA Action 2020 Voter Guide endorses the following candidates for the following offices: 

Georgette Gómez (CD-53), Monique Limón (SD-19), Abigail Medina (SD-23), Cathy Murillo (AD-37), DeniAntoinette Mazingo (AD-42), Eloise Gómez Reyes (AD-47), Shirley Weber (AD-79), Lorena Gonzalez (AD-80).

Katie Valenzuela, CEJA’s Political and Policy Director, stated: “This is a pivotal moment for environmental justice communities. This voter guide builds on the strong foundation of our statewide advocacy by enumerating environmental justice principles – in order to set clear expectations for elected officials in California. We can pass strong policy only when we have strong allies in elected office. We hope to see the field of EJ Champions grow.”

Despite recent electoral gains made by people of color, 2020 marks another critical opportunity to amplify the voices of communities of color too often marginalized in environmental decisions. Voter Guide endorsees were chosen in large part because of their commitment to this principle.

“I am honored CEJA Action has endorsed my campaign. My advocacy for low-income communities and communities of color was forged in neighborhoods disproportionately negatively affected by policies that continue to allow for fewer regulations. When I’m elected, I will pass legislation that protects the basic human right to live and thrive in a healthy neighborhood, wherever that neighborhood is. Together, we can hyper-speed the statewide movement for social justice and environmental health.” 

— Abigail Medina, Recommended Candidate for State Senate (SD-23) and President of San Bernardino City Unified School District

Medina is one of two endorsed candidates for California Senate, joining Asm. Monique Limón, a CEJA Action Environmental Justice Champion since elected into the legislature. Limón is vying for the seat vacated by Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson (SD-19, Santa Barbara).

“CAUSE Action Fund is inspired to endorse Assemblymember Monique Limón for California Senate District 19 and Santa Barbara Mayor Cathy Murillo for Assembly District 37. Assemblymember Limón’s environmental justice record is an A+ from CEJA Action and Mayor Murillo has been an ally of Santa Barbara’s low-income Latino/a and immigrant community. CAUSE Action Fund is ready to get out the vote and work for environmental justice with Limón and Murillo as our representatives in the Senate and Assembly. “

Maricela Morales, Executive Director, CAUSE Action Fund

In the race to fill incumbent Susan Davis’ seat in Congress, CEJA Action is endorsing Georgette Gómez, San Diego City Council President and a key architect of the city’s Climate Action Plan.

“CEJA Action is a leader in the fight for environmental justice here in California, and we are honored to have their support on my campaign. As a longtime community organizer, I know how important their work is if we want to build a healthy and equitable future here in California. Their endorsement is a huge lift for our campaign, not just because of their importance in the EJ movement, but because it shows that they are working to help elected officials who are strongly committed to protecting our environment.”

Georgette Gómez, Recommended Candidate for US Congress (CD-53) and President of San Diego City Council

In addition to the candidates endorsed in the Voter Guide, CEJA Action endorses a YES vote on Proposition 13 – a distinctly different ballot measure than the notorious 1978 tax loophole. This year’s Prop 13 authorizes $15 billion in bonds for earthquake retrofits and to remove mold, asbestos and lead in schools to ensure the health and safety of California’s students.

The initiative, authored by Asm. Patrick O’Donnell (AD-70, Long Beach), would increase money received by low-income districts for construction and modernization. It would fund reviews of hazardous materials levels and provide immediate relief for disaster assistance. In the wake of California’s deadly wildfires, and in preparation for other natural disasters, it is a vitally important funding measure for all California schools. 

Download the CEJA Action 2020 Voter Guide at www.ceja-action.org/voterguide

Full List of CEJA Action 2020 Voter Guide Endorsements:

Georgette Gómez (CD-53)

Monique Limón (SD-19)

Abigail Medina (SD-23)

Cathy Murillo (AD-37)

DeniAntoinette Mazingo (AD-42)

Eloise Gómez Reyes (AD-47)

Shirley Weber (AD-79)

Lorena Gonzalez (AD-80)

YES on Ballot Proposition 13

CEJA Action Environmental Justice Principles: 

  • Prioritize and value harm prevention, human health, and improved quality of life
  • Do no harm
  • Prioritize environmental justice communities
  • Meaningfully engage with communities
  • Be proactive
  • Take an intersectional approach
  • Be responsive
  • Respect community expertise


California Environmental Justice Alliance Action (CEJA Action) builds the political power of communities of color to advance environmentally and socially just policies in California.  We accomplish this by engaging voters in communities of color, organizing and training grassroots leaders to engage in civic and electoral politics, and advocacy to advance critical policies that will improve the health and quality of life in communities of color.  We believe California’s communities of color are a powerful force for equitable environmental policies and a more participatory, inclusive democracy. www.ceja-action.org

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